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On this website you find hundreds of new domain extensions are now available for registration. Now, you can have popular names that were once out of rich with traditional name spaces. Building a new, strong brand by relating to the new health-related domains is perfect idea for your company. Nowadays a website for your company is necessary. New generictop-level domains are the perfect memorable platform for launch products & ideas.

Generitc top level domains

gTLDs - Generic top level domains are one of the category of top-level domains managed by The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority(IANA).A top-level domain is the last label of every fully qualified domain name. They are called generic for historic reasons. Initially, they were contrasted with country-specific TLDs in RFC 920.Historically, the group of generic top-level domains included domains, created in the early development of the domain name system, that are now sponsored by designated agencies or organizations and are restricted to specific types of registrants. Thus, domains edu, gov, int, and mil are now considered sponsored top-level domains, much like the themed top-level domains

Health-related domains

One kind of gTLDs are medics domains. They new health-related top-level domains. They are intended for doctors,nurses, dieticians, surgeons, cosmetologists, pharmacists, dentists and even for fitness instructors. This kind of domains allow us to organize websites of medicine scope. Medical domain is great for any website that wants to raise knowledge for illnesses, raise money for patients, or website for a doctor's office.If you want to know names of new gTLDs look here