There are several top-level domains names. You can see some examples of them below:

  1. .health (4, one of which is withdrawn)
  2. .med (4, one of which is withdrawn)
  3. .doctor (3
  4. .fit (2)
  5. .healthy (Chinese variant)
  6. .healthcare
  7. .medical
  8. .hospital
  9. pharmacy
  10. .skin
  11. surgery
  12. .heart (withdrawn)
  13. .hiv
  14. .clinic
  15. .dental
  16. .dentist
  17. .cialis (withdrawn)
  18. .fitness
  19. .physio
  20. .rehab
  21. .vision
  22. .care
  23. .diet
  24. .skin


As you can see, there is a lot of names of medical domains. They are divided into different categories like from medicine, diet or beauty. It is very clear division, you can find anything what you are interested in without problem. The biggest difficulty of health community is off-sell health-related gLTDs to the biggest investors and lost potential advantages and unique opportunity to promote health. Top-level medicine domains are very trusted. Users gladly use health-related domains more than for example .com. Some new gTLDs applicants made a facile try to balance commercial interests with public health objectives, and walk a difficult line between promising a ?trustworthy? environment while trying to avoid expensive, time-consuming and potentially subjective examination of potential domain owners? source credibility.