The public opinion about health-related top-level domains is very important. According to the services and poll conducted by JMIR Publications in February 2014, about 80% of users from the United States have never heard about top-level domains related with health. What is interesting, the debate was not entered in mainstream media. Most of customers are neutral about new gTLDs - about 60%. Among those who was not neutral there were people, majority was against that they should be managed by people, who are working for-profit companies. Most favored a non-profit organisation to be in charge (20.2%), and an additional 8.0% want an international organisation (WHO) in charge. Also Doctors argue that application round for new suffix has been skewed to private sector, and requires more input from specialist regulatory agencies

Second thing is that respondents are not sure if .health should be better regulated than .com or .org domains, but among those who have an opinion on this topic, a small majority thinks that this should be the case, with 33.3% of all respondents favoring more regulation and only 23.2% saying that this should not be the case. The fourth poll confirms that gTLD have different levels of "reliability" in group of people with the .org domain being the most trusted gTLD. For more information about gTLDs click here